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Please check both locations to find out the best time slots for you!
Glowwell spa @ de Pijp
Glowwell spa de pijp

Eerste Jacob van Campenstraat 56hs
1072 BH Amsterdam
+31 20 7850820

Glowwell spa @ Prinsengracht
Glowwell Prinsengracht

Prinsengracht 1057
1017 JE Amsterdam
+31 20 7865969

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Gift Card Arrangement

What better than a gift to a relaxing spa for your friend's or family's birthday? GlowWell now provides you with a great gift solution! Come to our spa and check out our gift card arrangement!

We appreciate each and every review!

We always look for ways to improve our spa. Listening to our customers gives us so much valueable feedback, which is why we always ask our cliënts for their honest opinions. From adjusting the treatment to changing the sound system for a better overall experience.

“Very welcoming and professional masseuses, nice ambiance and natural products. Highly recommended!”

Lola van Linge

“Fantastic, I will definately be back for treatment!”

Marta Pastor

“Fantastic massage. Have been several times and everything about the experience is excellent. The manager is lovely and it’s a delightful place. I never go anywhere else for a massage these days.”

Debbi Bonner


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The members of the team are specialists, skilled and efficient.
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OPEN DAILY 10:30 - 22:30

You can book a massage starting from only 30 minutes.
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